Thanks to our clients for giving us feedback.
We always value your opinion about working with us – good or bad – and will always thrive to do things better where we can.

Biodiversity Conservation Trust NSW

Biodiversity Conservation Trust NSW Government logo

What has impressed me has been the full range of talents and experience that you bring. Yes, the designs are vitally important, but you have also been so committed to us getting the language right, and seeing to all the details that makes effective communications products that much better. You have never stinted on your commitment to the make them the most effective they can be.

Lisa Keen, Science Communications Project Manager

Caroline Reid

Bettina Kaiser designed and illustrated my debut collection of poetry and prose, SIARAD. Bettina consulted with me every step of the way. From layout and book dimensions to font and illustrations, it was a team effort; and a process that taught me a lot about my own work and book publishing. We had a tight deadline but that didn’t phase Bettina, who always regarded problems as opportunities for creativity. I had such a wonderful time working on this project that I felt quite sad when it came to an end. The product I’ve ended up with is wonderful. Bold, innovative, and beautiful, the book Bettina created is so much more than a book. It’s a work of art. I couldn’t be happier.

Elements Of Birth

Elements of Birth logo
I have
known Bettina Kaiser since 2010 and meeting her has been fantastic and a positive change  for my business from the very start.

First of all she does have a very special way of working with you. So friendly, understanding and patient. She helped me to get structure into my pages and I love her creative mind that made everything look beautiful. Bettina has the ability work according to your budget and your needs which is just great!

I love Bettina’s personal touch and professionalism. She gets the job done in a realistic time frame and is absolutely reliable.

I look forward to working together with her for many more years and can only recommend her.

Jutta Wohlrab, Midwife

Erin O’Dwyer

erin odwyer logo
Bettina listened as I described the kind of website I wanted and then worked with me to create it. She offered technical advice and expertise, as well as taking on board my vision for the site. We worked well together – going back and forth on email to make sure we had the copy and images we needed. She was happy to make the changes along the way. Nothing was too much trouble. The result is fantastic – clean, succinct and visually stunning. Thankyou!

Erin O’Dwyer, Journalist

Evolve Network

Evolve Network logo
Betty has an incredible talent for climbing into my mind, drawing out wild ideas and turning them into incredible and appropriate designs.  I’ve worked with Betty over the past 12 years and have thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the process as much as the outputs. People like Betty are rare in the design world – she truly cares about my business, and me as an entrepreneur. This really shines through in her interpretation of my needs.

Kerry Grace, Founder and Director

Food Wine Artisans

Food Wine Artisans logo
Bettina’s guidance and knowledge of websites was invaluable. Being my first website venture Bettina’s passion, generosity and expertise was a guiding force to me during this process. Bettina helped me through every step of the way, not to mention her extraordinary creativity in making the site look so wonderful. Bettina is a delight to work with.

Jill Fulton, Founder


Ilawarra Dermatology + Laser Clinic logo
I’ve sent Bettina and the contributors some champagne to celebrate the completion of this project. I think we are both happy we can finally say that it is done, and what a great job. I think the finished product looks great, contemporary and very professional.

I really appreciate that we can work collaboratively without any pressure.

Sue Salmon, Clinic Manager

Less Mess

less mess logo

Bettina has a lot of enthusiasm to find out about the business she is working for and therefore the new website is spot on for my business and my customers.

The amount of direct contacts through my website form has gone up considerably after the overhaul.

I appreciated her insights about SEO so I could not only write great posts, but posts that deliver direct traffic to my website.

Susanne Thiebe, Owner

Lisa Seltzer Social Media Management

Lisa Seltzer Social Media Management logo

Working with Bettina was fantastic, from the first meeting to the final website design. Bettina was great at delivering exactly what she promised, and making amends to the site through the design process was easy and straightforward. I would recommend working with Bettina any day – she’s professional, she delivers a great product and I’m thrilled with the clean design and structure of my site.

Lisa Seltzer, Director

Nature Conservation Trust

A special thanks needs to go to Bettina Kaiser who provides marketing, design and web support. Without her very great effort, the NCT machine would grind to a complete halt.

Nature Conservation Trust, 2013/14 Annual Report

Resource Recovery Australia

Resource Recovery Australia logo
Resource Recovery Australia has worked with Bettina on a range of graphics and marketing tools
for our website, film and stationery. […]
It’s great to also have a designer who choses to work with clients based on a genuine interest and commitment to their business, and what it stands for. Bettina also likes to train her clients in building their own skills and capacity to update and maintain the materials she develops, so you get all that extra warm buzz of having her truly on board.

Sarah Chisholm, Manager


Shalom logoBettina is talented, creative, and a sheer pleasure to work with. She is up for any design challenge and is attentive to our needs. Some of the best results have been with designs that were a bit ‘out there’ and unexpectedly brilliant so I’ve loved being surprised and delighted by Bettina’s excellence.

Michael Misrachi, Programming Director


It has been an absolute joy working with Bettina. Together we have worked on a full rebrand program as well as initiatives targeting diverse audiences from kids, families and new mums to academics and the politically-minded. Not only does Bettina have the most creative eye and interesting perspective, she is always so organised and methodical, often offering insights and suggestions that we have adopted in our approach. I cannot recommend Bettina highly enough.

Natalie Sher, Marketing Manager

Spineless Wonders

Spineless Wonders publishing logo

Bettina has not only made our books look absolutely beautiful and totally pickupable, she is a dream to work with. Betty listens. Teases out the different possibilities, helping our team of authors and editors crystallise key themes. Transforms them into works of art. It is an exciting and rewarding process to work with her.

Bronwyn Mehan, Publisher

Sydney Youth Orchestras

Sydney Youth Orchestras Logo

I have had the pleasure of working with BKAD for the last 3 years on a variety of projects for Sydney Youth Orchestras, including our Annual Reports, Strategic Plan and Audition Handbook.

There is a lovely process of enquiry that happens when we work together. Bettina really takes the time to understand our organisation, the purpose of the document, and the narrative we want to tell.

Bettina and her team go above and beyond to produce beautiful work. For example, on SYO’s 2019 Annual Report, Bettina and team beautifully appropriated designs from another artist into new pages, which meant that our new document told the same visual story as our 2019 collateral. We love the custom designs so much, I am framing them and putting them on our office walls.

We can’t recommend BKAD highly enough.

Daniel Placido, Executive Officer

Triple Win Enterprises

Triple Win Enterprises logo

The other day I had one of those ‘jump up and down’ creative moments with Bettina. The kind that happens when the creative juices flow and the outcome is just right. After asking the right incisive questions, and listening carefully to what I need, she magically pulled a few things together on her Mac and there it was. The very thing I had been looking for. A sprinkle of design magic, mixed with a substantial portion of ‘I hear you’. A winning formula.

Rosemary Shapiro-Liu, Director